Gotta be Good News — But Where?? [Special Global Edition!]

How we treat a hero.

One wonders how much more crazy is needed before a majority of voters realizes a) there’s a lot very wrong and b) the Republicans offer no solutions, just exacerbations, the Democrats offer little, and a shift leftward is needed (like the mid-1930s)?

Since the joke that was the Lockerbie settlement, Ghaddafi was the Republicans BFF.


Doomed! Obomba yields again. (Actually, I can make a weak defense for it but it’s still wrong to in any way give in to mental cases.)

Wisconsinites are clearly as stupid now as when they voluntarily put Walker in charge; they deludedly think or believe that Walker would yield anything in negotiations. Hah! (The amazing thing is that you can always find that it’s worse than you think, thanks to the fact-free media coverage.) And here’s a shred of hope for Wisconsin.

The continued housing market disaster:

They made money on big shitpile, they made money on the bailout, they made money illegally chucking people out of their homes, but, hey, they didn’t really do anything wrong.Atrios

Does this spell it out simply enough:

Investing in education means paying teachers, you ignoramus. Who do you think does the actual, you know, educating? It’s not unions against kids. It’s unions trying to help kids. And when you make them fight over even the most basic issues, it impedes their ability to do their jobs effectively.


Molly Ivors

P.S. If you give great teachers 30 kids at a time, they are not going to be such great teachers. Teaching is based on personal contact, time to prepare and respond. More kids means poorer teaching. Just so we’re clear.

So, it’s as simple as pols simply do not and cannot be bothered to care about lives other than their own?

Modern journalists, specially the Beltway whores, are so cut off from the real world. So how can they possibly be competent — and the audience knows it. And here’s second-generation retardation at the Times. Shameful.Again, why in the world would anyone pay for such mediocrity and ineptitude?

I completely disagree with the comrades. Our leaders don’t care about unemployment because the Republicans can care less and the Democrats are scared of not copying the Republicans so who’s left to do anything?

Medals for a few and joblessness for many. Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Answered! Anyone know why Natalie Portman’s love child is bad and Bristol Palin’s is acceptable? Of course, the only difference is the arbitrariness of mental cases.


Normally, don’t particularly care about foreign assholes because they’re, you know, foreign and my concern is my country, but this is disgusting enough:

Russia’s so cool — not; still the post-Soviet shithole — then again, maybe that’s because it was a pre-Bolshevik shithole:

Banksy had bailed two members of the Russian arts collective Voina (“War”) out of a horrific St Petersburg prison, where they were being held indefinitely awaiting trial. Voina is known for many provocative pieces, including the giant penis painted on a drawbridge facing secret police headquarters. Leonid Nikolayev and Oleg Vorotnikov and Oleg’s wife have since been cruelly beaten by secret policemen who also brutalized Oleg’s toddler, Casper. The pair now face punitive psychotherapy, a practice widely feared in the Soviet era, when dissidents were committed to ghastly asylums. (Link.)

If you’re here, you’ve earned a laff:


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