Still Sliding Down the Slippery Slope….

Gotta be somewhat thin-skinned to be bothered by someone like this…:

Scott Walker’s lies, again exposed. Who knows, maybe enough light is getting shined on the fucker after all… not that Johnston’s exactly the mainstream media….

America's support for Scott Walker's lies: not much, even after decades of gratuitous, dishonest Republican union-bashing.

(The link has a flashback to just prior to the Iraq war (2003) when the Beltway insiders believed lies and the People knew the truth.)

President Mick Huckabee: Ignorant? Panderer? Asshole.

Bizarre: The U.S. Supreme Court votes 8-0 against corporate right to privacy. Wish I had the time to dope out the conservatives’ underlying agenda — they always have one.

Gee, Giuliani’s politicization of New York City’s schools has really been quite the expected failure. Of course, the policies of power-crazed shitheads often are troublesome and problemsome….

I love Morford and agree with him.

Another great moment in modern journalism: This paper thinks the White House is important enough to cover but not by anyone with the time or ability to cover it properly or with any depth. Like much modern journalism, it makes no sense and cannot really be expected to maintain, let alone grow, an audience.

Then there’s ex-Timesman Sharon Waxman who, instead of practicing competent journalism, wants her readers to believe that a paid whore’s letter in her defense has any significant relationship to actual facts. Sharon, you’re so pathetic.


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