Revolution: If Now, When?

Now is the time. The real thing, not this Teabagger idiocy. If ^&%$ing Arabs can do it surely, we, with our history of democracy and freedom, can do it.

None of these Mid-eastern rebellions have effected significant change (nor should they really be expected to do that, unless you consider regime change significant). (We, of course, get our regime change every four or eight years, but now require something far deeper, what with one party in complete opposition to the nation’s principles and the other a bunch of unprincipled, greedy wusses.) Still, big point is that in country after country, oppressed people are driven — probably by economic, commodity price-related issues more than anything — to take to the streets. Meanwhile, the latest uprising:

Professor Krugman:

What’s happened in American political discourse is that constant repetition has drilled in the message that government officials are always engaged in pointless activity, and that private is always better — even if you’re hiring private contractors to do government work, which means that there’s no market competition.

America’s been sliding down the slippery slope for decades. Maybe now we’re at the point where the slide actually can be stopped….

Maybe it’s waste to us but to the Republicans, it’s just passing a windfall to supporters.

Okay, maybe Obama’s opposition to supporting a ban of gay “marriage” will cost him votes with blacks (particularly those unwilling to support him anyway) but does support of a racist cracker really help President Huckabee with blacks?

Look what President Palin started.

Does anybody in their right mind believe anything a Republican says? Certainly, this can’t be believed.

What is this doing on the front page of the Times? It’s not going to get Walker to back down, it’s not going to trigger anything….

The elite shitheads at Foreign Policy are apparently unaware that Hersh gives awful speeches, excels only at reporting. They, of course, ooze irrelevant establishment-supporting positions.

And these conditions will actually be enforced? Must be a joke.

More awful lies from Republicans that will set policy.

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