Restored Here and Now: Pride in Modern Post-Democracy America

The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear. — Herbert Agar

America defeated by Scott Walker. (His victory analyzed here.)

Sweet! Sharing the power in Tahrir Square.

Of course, Americans are willing to fight for something — like this, this is what we’re willing to fight for:

(About the viddie here.)

The only fiscal crisis is in the lies of the Republicans (which are the basis for Our Leaders’ policies)

The collapse of the American Empire….

Disgusting, shameful: Republican Rep.Paul Broun and his questioner, Broun for being too stupid to respond properly. When asked when someone will assassinate a president, a congressman only has one answer he can give, and Broun fails, being a Republican asshole.

President John Sidney McCain III’s victory.

Fox News: Rotten liars from the head down.

Hey, look! People with absolutely no need for a tax cut and probably a healthy tax increase.

Asshole: President Huckabee again defends clemency for a man who spent his gift of freedom killing four.

The vile dishonesty of David Brooks.

Yes, yes, if only America had an opposition party instead of two anti-democratic corporatist parties….

(Click on the image for more images.)
(Click on the image for more images.)
(Click on the image for more images.)

Clearly, piracy is destroying the movie industry — the lies of the corporatist whores:

Once again, the motion picture industry has smashed all annual box-office records. According to the MPAA, this proves that we need more laws allowing them to censor and spy on the Internet to prevent piracy. (Link.)


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