Continued? The Downward Spiral?

This is not America.

Hey, wingnuts and Teabaggers: Happy? Indiana = Libya. Sure you are! I don’t see you fighting.

Meanwhile, Iran is becoming the key power in the Middle East? Of course, America did their part by giving Iran Iraq to influence.


America: “Money Talks”.

Shame on America:

General Betrayus: Traitor?

Leadership we need:

It’s news President Palin is a sicko?

David Becker, douchebag of the day. SEC supports money laundering if it’s money in his wallet. (And being a Dem doesn’t make it right. You think I’m a goose-stepper like I’d be if I was a Republican?? Wrong is wrong.)

Attention, retards: Fox News lies, and here’s proof.

I would submit that if America makes practicing Islam illegal, we make supporting Republican and conservative policies illegal as well.

This is so cool!!!


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