Oooh, Scary! Like Every Other Day….

We start off easy…:

— then get rough (as usual — it’s that kind of world and reality):

Hey, look! Teabagger philosophy — all they need to know:

Blame someone else and get on with your life. — Alan Woods

Wisconsisn’s Chief Teabagger Scott Walker first destroys they state’s budget so he can shove a union-busting bill through — that will cost the state money instead of saving money. Love Republican fiscal irresponsibility — what we need now more than ever. And why does anyone think Walker cares about popularity as long as he achieves his goals? (Hope the Dems and Labor are preparing for Walker’s victory.) And Big Media pundits are overpaid, not the civil service.

I do not understand why the Republicans hate the troops and veterans.

First President Palin*, now Glenn Beck — why is Jew-bashing so trendy amongst the modern conservatives?

Here’s why we need President Palin as president.

How we’re kept safe after 9/11: The TSA wants to be able to grope Dem Alaska State Rep Sharon Cissna’s mastectomy scars.

Collective action is possible and here’s how it can be done. Of course, Americans have no will, we’re so weak, addicted to materialism and comfort….

Classic asshole: Hypocrite Phyllis Schafly — the latest hypocrisy.

Actually, the stupidity of too many Americans is not funny.

Tech Fails: Windows Phone 7 (updating the OS busts the phone). Flash on Android tablets (First the tablets, then someday Flash, which is why they’ll so popular — for the Flash experience). I guess the only way to compete with the iOS is with grossly inferior products at higher prices because Micro$oft, Google and Adobe cannot come up with equal, let alone superior, products. Verizon’s fabled network gets stressed. Google demands our kids’ Social Security numbers.

Sony says it’s illegal to do what you want with your own damn PS3; you buy and can only do with it what Sony allows you to do with it (can’t for the car companies to try this):


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