What I Say….

Now Libya, maybe. Our Leaders must be crapping their pants if they think about it — that or drunk with hubris. Of course, to be really scared, they must be aware of and agree with this piece by Michael Schwartz.

This is essentially correct. Fell free to try to demonstrate how it's wrong.

You can see the low level at which Our Leaders debate issues here. Shameful.

…Tea Party governor Scott Walker… handed $137M in tax breaks to the wealthy, declared an emergency budget shortfall of $140M, and decided to cover it by gutting the state’s unions. (Link.) And Professor Krugman explains it all to you here.

Traitor to the nation: Thoroughly corrupt thief Clarence Thomas. In a healthy society, the piece of crap would resign.

Retard: Glenn Beck; the latest idiocy from the idiots’ idol.


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