Another Day of Read ‘N Learn

James Kwak:

Money in general and large amounts of money in particular have become more accepted parts of general American culture than they were when I was a child. It seems quite plausible that this is also changing the way that Americans behave and making the ideology of individual autonomy even stronger than it already was. Which I don’t think is such a good thing.

Why they didn’t: because it was clear enough in the news media that there was at least a serious doubt:

Colin Powell, the US secretary of state at the time of the Iraq invasion, has called on the CIA and Pentagon to explain why they failed to alert him to the unreliability of a key source behind claims of Saddam Hussein’s bio-weapons capability.

Well. Wisconsin will show whether leaders in America are as responsive to mass demonstrations as the leaders of Arab nations.

What a surprise. Many 401(k)s — the private plan superior to Social Security — are failures.

Asshole: Scott Walker: Bankrupts Wisocnsin with fiscal irresponsibility then uses that as an excuse to cause yet more damage. (More here and the real story here. And here he’s about throw away $45 million.) Good choice, Wisoconsin voters. Maybe you’re just getting the s*** you deserve.

Doomed: No one supports principles… they’re all whores….

Modern Big Media journalism’s complete disconnect from reality; Alex Cockburn:

In any discussion of the role or the internet in fuelling the upsurges across the Middle East, Wikileaks should be central. Tunisians were able to read the unsparing assessment of the kleptocratic regime oppressing them, courtesy of  US Ambassador Gordon Gray’s cables, secured by Wikileaks. Egyptians were able to read hitherto secret details of the role of Omar Suleiman in renditions, of Egypt’s abject services for the US and Israel.

The New York Times, to whom Assange made available some of his Wikileaks, repaid him (as did The Guardian )  with a vulgar onslaught by the Times’ editor, Bill Keller, essentially endorsing patently factitious  accusations concerning the supposed nature of Assange’s sexual relations with two Swedish women, and also trumpeting the high minded concern of the New York Times with protecting the lives of US personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don’t you think it might have crossed Keller’s mind to mute that trumpet, given the role played by the New York Times in the attack on Iraq in 2003, with fake story after fake story by its reporter, Judith Miller, about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. The Times’ hands have plenty of blood on them. According to Michael Monk’s site, in the Iraq theater for US combat casualties the week ending Feb 15, the total rose to 77,735. That includes 35,540 dead and wounded from what the Pentagon classifies as “hostile” causes and 42,195 dead and medically evacuated (of  Feb.7) from “non-hostile” causes.

‘Nuff said:

DAVID: Well, Dylan, I think this is a very revealing move. You know, Aristotle taught us the tyrants first surround themselves with bodyguards who will go after anybody who challenges what they do. We shouldn’t forget that historical lesson. You know, the pensions they want to go after, they’re not very big in Wisconsin. I just calculated the numbers. The average Wisconsin state employee gets $24,500 a year. That’s not a very big pension. The state pension plan, 15% of the money going into it each year is being paid out to Wall Street to manage the money. That’s a really huge high percentage to pay out to Wall Street to manage the money. And what I think is going on here is this is the state as we began where public employee unions were first by law allowed, and if this governor can break these unions then you’re going to see this happen all across the country and further drive down wages. And if you can drive down wages in the public sector, it means private employers can drive down wages in the private sector. (Link.)

It’s cool how Republicans can sell the most awfully destructive policies as some sort of good and people then lap up their s***. Of course, during the last round of prosperity, too many people opted for embracing debt instead of saving so clearly too many people are simply incapable of comprehending why Scott’s decision is so awfully wrong. But, then none of the moderne believers believe in the future anyway.

Atrios is wrong: The post-9/11 era has been about ceaseless horses***.

Retard: S.C.’s Lee Bright. Can’t summarize, you gotta read this.

Asshole: Paris Hilton. No, really.


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