In Which We Again Return to the Agnotology-Free Zone!

Speaking of Agnotology in action: An obit for America.

The wisdom of Alan Greenspan, the Maestro:

It brings back memories of Alan Greenspan, who was a stern advocate of fiscal discipline — until a Republican was in the White House, and he suddenly declared that we needed to cut taxes to prevent too rapid a reduction in US debt. (Link.)

Another leader stupid enough to be president:

Maybe it’s me, but it’s interesting how rightist Israeli leadership pairs up with American leaders who believe in its ultimate destruction. Of course, right-wingers have no problem with holding such contradictory concepts.

The most irrelevant story of the day? (P.s.: Bristol obviously failed or President Palin was simply too retarded to learn anything.)

Gee, Ronnie Reagan seems to have been a little more moderate than those who pledge fealty to his legacy….

See the pride.

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