Twilight: There He Goes Again: Leading by Bending Over for No Good Reason

Do it! I can't because my representative is a retarded Republican.

The wisdom of our leaders: The crazies speak out.

I love this classic rightwing meme: All these oppressive dictators are just patriots. They patriotically steal and torture and abuse their people, impoverishing their nations… patriots. (The Republicans are in fact just jealous….)

Obomba’s great budget Fail. Anyone really know why he’s so awful? I swear, by 2012, it won’t matter who gets elected…. At least, he’s helping to prevent another Obomba…. (A round-up of the awfulness is here. And then there’s this. And this shithead is a liberal playing the Republicans’ game: Deficits are good only when the Republicans say they are, not when they’re needed to revive a tanked economy. (Actually, his father would be ashamed by this crap.))

There was an old Washingtoon, probably from the mid-1980s, in which Democrats meet to plan their new centrist strategy — which consists of tax cuts for the rich, reduced spending on the needy, and big defense budgets. “But how is this different from the Republicans?” asks one member of the group. “Compassion,” replies the leader. “We care about the victims of our policies.” (Link.)

This isn’t simply bad science. It’s Godawful dishonest crap science.

This is creepy in so many ways… a horror story for real….

Twilight… an obomination — Oh wait, Reed’s lover is the queen of the avant-garde so this must be hip:


Let us chill:

Hohoho… this is almost funny:


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