Super-Sized Sunday!

(Let’s just keep in mind that while the people triumphed in Egypt, a) it’s a modest, indeterminate triumph because b) the military still runs the country. Yes, it was an inspiring victory but things aren’t going to change so much. So perspective please, not mindless gushing.)


Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said another 2 million foreclosures are expected in the U.S. this year, adding to the 7 million that have occurred since the economic crisis of 2008.

“U.S. foreclosures are continuing apace,” Stiglitz told a conference near Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, today. “A quarter of U.S. homes are underwater.” (Link.)

Obomba’s ready to cripple Social Security:

The White House last month considered offering specific benefit cuts and tax increases to shore up Social Security’s finances, but ultimately decided to back off.

Officials weighed suggesting that Congress raise the ceiling on wages subject to the Social Security payroll tax and allow benefits to rise more slowly than under current law, according to three people familiar with the deliberations. The hope was to engage Republicans in talks.

But aides decided against putting forward the ideas, sure to be unpopular, without a clear signal from Republicans that they were ready to talk. (Link. Use Google to bust Murdoch’s paywall.)

Poor Wisconsin. Their governor must be insane. And here’s another sicko.

Republicans love racial purity. What would come after this?

Atrios is wrong again: Our Leaders know exactly what they’re doing or they just don’t care. Ignorance? Don’t think it’s any part of a reason.

Stoopidity roolz to make our kids dumber. Watching TV or surfing all day don’t make our kids dumber, or at least not more than, apparently, going to school does.

Borders: An example of growing too big to function? Over-expansion and oversize? In other words, you grow to a point that is unsustainable? Or are book superstores just obsoleted by electronic edition of books and printed ones are just becoming more of a niche and niches can’t sustain superstores? (Link.) Of course, Big Journalism’s Big Flaw if lousy reporting: Far too much irrelevance and corporatist incompetence. The product just is ever less worth the time and money. (FYI: The factually correct spin on the Planned Parenthood rightist pathology is that it exposed some rightwing mental illness and Planned Parenthood never did anything wrong. Now, of course, there’s a second spin: Big Media sclerotic inability to report the simplest story competently.)

Atrios is also wrong about this: I’m certain essentially nothing will stop President Palin from running in 2012.

The structural failure that is the CIA: How much intelligence can you have when it’s filtered through radical partisan beliefs, xenophobia, and necessity to justify policies?

A bullet dodged: Thought this was an arguement against making a progressive, beneficial investment by financing it with debt. (Then again, I’m an Old Testament guy.)

Today’s tribute to Ronald Reagan (makes one think President Palin rightly claims Reagan’s heritage — she’s a lite anti-Semite too):

Leadership we need:

(More here.)

America’s future leaders will come from here. As they say on Wall Street, maybe now’s a good time to short America. You don’t recover from a sickness like this. It’s a death spiral.

Death spiral: Screwed up priorities, Republican-style.

Modern journalism: jabbering hyenas:

The reader is particularly referred to panels 3-5.



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