Direct Action in a Dictatorship Achieves Victory; Here, Passive Acceptance….

It’s easy to vote in douchebags more inept and corrupt than the ones you hate. Taking to the streets in a brutal dictatorship — that’s strength, in numbers:

(More victory viddies here and here.)

The case for transparency:

When people take to the streets and the army is called out to stop them, at least two things can happen: Tunis, or Tiananmen. When the world is watching, a peaceful outcome is more likely. A threatened regime, when they think they’re immune to scrutiny, is a very dangerous thing. — Ethan Zuckerman on victory in Egypt.

Meanwhile…. Corporatist lawlessness.

We still want the impossible....

The next Big Fail: Come on; If Obomba can go for this, you know, he’ll let the Republicans destroy Social Security.

President Palin: Douchebag, retard, and corporate welfare cheat.

That revolt of the teabaggers against the renewal of the Patriot Act didn’t last very long, did it?

Confirmed: Fox News makes stuff up.


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