Featured: Just the Teensiest Strike for Freedom

PATRIOT extension defeated in the House — and Obomba embarassed — by a coalition of Dems and Teabagger-Republicans. No dissing of the Teabaggers today. Of course, they still have to do stuff like this regularly, proving that they are in fact not puppets to justify themselves and make up for Election 2010. (Of course, far less good is being accomplished than one would think.)

Beloved Leader’s (and the corrupted puppets)’s Big Finance-pushed law helped to tank the housing market.

Speaking of which: Now wanted, more than ever: Beloved Leader!

If one must celebrate Reagan’s birthday, read this.

Oh, lucky UK: Looks like their leaders are about as corrupted as ours.

Asshole: Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey, seeking to reduce your right to seek recourse in America’s courts. (I exaggerate but a little….) Hey, Phil! please drop dead.

Kids banned from school for taking medication for conditions.

Giving it away free online once again makes money. Fact beats shibboleth.


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