Getchu Facts Here Now!

The real Reaganugly, awful…. More here. more straight dope here. The lies are here.

Retard: Republican Rep. Ann Buerkle: Shamefully, shamelessly stupid and ignorant.

Doomed! Too Big to Save is here! (And Ann Buerkle sits in Congress.)

Gee, maybe politicizing public education in New York City — putting the mayor in charge — is a huge failure….

This cannot be bad news for those who believe in a true opposition party….

Hope for journalism? How about establishing a reputation for quality journalism worth paying for? The Wall Street Journal used to have one, ditto the Times…. (Contemplate this: Is the Times really worth paying for?) But, probably not….

Truth — except our leaders like us dumb and ignorant, and this doesn’t help them:
Sweet: The tablet for the wealthy — not because it has great specs — it’s second rate in every respect, if not worse — but simply overpriced.
This may be helpful:

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