Can this be? Christians and Muslims working together, not fighting? I doubt you'd see this in America... (kidding; however bad people are, they're better than their worst leaders).

The case against Raygun: Setting off a disasterous Mid East policy. What he started will not end well.

As usual, President Palin has it wrong: America hasn’t sufficiently rejected Raygun’s America-destroying values. Ron Reagan maybe even agrees with me. Hey, look! She’s still a retard.

Raygun’s beliefs: AIDS, no, UFOs, yes.

You ACTA is a way for Big Business, using their puppets (global leaders) to screw us, right? In case of any doubt, read this and this.

Republican “pro life” defined: very, very hostile to life. Anyone here surprised?

The only question is: Is Ginnie Thomas going be a lawbreaker or will she finally realize she’s required to pay taxes?

Vindicated! Reuters agrees Jamie Dimon is a sick fuck.

To me, this is huge news:

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