Featuring: President Mick Huckabee, Nazi

In honor of Ronnie Raygun (I forgot about this insult to Jews — must be what President Palin (do I need an (R)?) meant when she, also a lite anti-Semite, refered to Raygun’s values):

Raygun: Racist. More Raygun reality check here.

Update on a real American hero, Bradley Manning.

Asshole: Joisey Governor Chris Christie — goes to Illinois (at taxpayer expense) to persuade businesses to move to Joisey for the higher taxes it offers. Yeah, yeah, anyone who elects garbage like this deserves it. Sorry. No excuse for not expecting crap like this; no surprise if you were paying attention before the election.

Asshole: Young deranged rightist retard Lila Rose. Takes a sick mind to do this.

Fox News makes up facts — in other words, lies. And amazingly, people seem to turn to it for actual news?

Classic Obomba Fail.

Atrios is wrong: No one’s actually working to fix the economy except for enabling Big Finance to cause another disaster.

Asshole: President Mick Huckabee. Just in case you doubt that Republicans gladly follow the Nazis’ lead. (No joke. Of course, we did something similar in WWII, but not quite.)

Yes, but does Obomba know this? And why would anyone think the Republicans would agree?

Shocker (not)Big Media’s financial press apparently failed.

The new Karl Marx? (Even Adam Smith had his criticisms of capitalism.)


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