Fight the Banks! Here’s How

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Now Egypt is getting a little strange…. Demonstrations start peacefully, the real power — the military — seems willing to allow some change — then the established government (such as it is) goes all crazy, first beating up demonstrators, then every journalists their goons can lay hands on? And the point of this government action is…? Radicalize the people as much as possible? (More here.)

Assholes, obviously.

Assholes: Glenn Beck’s gold company tells you how to profit from the unrest (so to speak) in Egypt. Just like the big boys: everything is about the opportunity to profit; it’s the most important thing.

Simon Johnson has thoughts about Egypt, and I mostly agree.

Doomed — Here’s Ronnie Raygun’s Golden Age:

Nearly one in every four homeowners across the country owe more on their home than it’s worth. (Link. And a little direct action is available here.)

Doomed! Because people just refuse to learn truths from the Depression.

Anyone really think Ronnie Raygun would have any issue with President Palin? The man who institutionalized a historic low in politicking? The man who believed in a united party over all? The man who helped set America on the path to collapse? Enabler of racism?

[Overdue] Asshole: Sean Hannity.

Obomba’s next Fail: Joining Republicans to close off the civil court system to people like us, leaving it solely for Big Business.

Liars: The Republicans are going to save the economy with $32 billion dollars in budget cuts.

Jamie Dimon’s beloved JPMorgan Chase, pioneers in sneaky foreclosures, class act, enabler of Bernie Madoff because nothing in the world is more important than money.

Rather’s last significant reporting was Watergate and that nasty interview of George Herbert Walker Bush, which was a boost for Bush, which is to say didn’t do the nation any good, although I’m sure it made Rather feel real good about himself. Maybe those are the reasons his reputation’s not as good as it should be, not these.

Speaking of Big Media Fails, this one is sad.

Yet again, another study shows piracy increases legitimate sales.

Understanding the News for Dummies: If someone, specially someone from the right, speaks positively of something, you may safely presume he’s saying it solely because he has a personal profit at stake and he’s probably full of crap. That is, disregard everything he says and assume he’s wrong. Or just ignore him. On the other hand, here’s a fellow pinko with nothing really to promote*, gratuitously giving props to Howard Zinn. (*He is, however, atoning for starring in Jonah Hex and mistreating Diane Lane by doing a lovely piece in True Grit and the linked post.)

(More of the same here.)

HAve a lame thrill with this banned commercial (one down, near infinite to go):


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