Returning Now to the Collapse of Civilization. With Videos


Apropos Egypt: What I’ve never quite grasped is given the leverage of enabling “our” foreign leaders’ corruption, why isn’t enough to compel them to maybe not be such oppressive dicks, risking their nations’ stability and our security.

Obscene lies:

Housing values keep falling, even with nearly 11% of homes vacant. Wonder when the rightists are going to say anything about the massive loss of middle class wealth….

This would be the greatest thing to happen to America in decades.

Keller, not unsurprisingly, gets it completely backwards. Fox News hasn’t done much harm to the respect for journalism because outside a niche of nutjobs, no one considers it a reliable news source. But when Keller’s Times runs front page idiocy for no good reason, that’s what does harm. If the elite journalists don’t care overly much about doing a good job, people lose trust in professional journalism. If you can’t trust the Times, then you can trust no single source.

The pathology of the derangedly greedy.

The destructive lie that is the Republicans’ fiscal austerity: proven not to work. (More here about this destructive stupidity.)

The mental illness of the modern Republican leader.

I’m ashamed for posting this:



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