Catching Up with a Revolution, and More

Have to admit I’ve been ignoring Tunisia and Egypt because I’m not hopeful of actual, substantive, progressive change (Hello, Iran 1980)….

And there are those who actually fight for real freedom, not just the freedom of to be more awfully abused by Big Business and the Lords of Capital. We are not all Tunisians and Egyptians:

Running updates here and here.

Dispatches: Here and here (and here) and here and here and the Egyptian army goes all scummy here. Guess Hosni wants to make sure that however this plays out, it ends as awfully as possible. That’s patriotism!

China supports Mubarak, or at least wants to keep its citizens ignorant of what’s going on.

Who’s surprised by this? American complicity. More here.

'Nuff said.

Atrios’ great idea: Let’s liberate Egypt like we did Iraq!

The pundits’ reactions are of course shameful.

Elsewhere in the world:

Failing to learn from your mistakes, refusing to implement proven solutions — how to ensure disasters stay disastrous. — The Seditionist

Real healthcare reform we’ll never get. Betcha it would help us but cost carriers lost profits.

America, R.I.P.

I stand corrected: Modern Big Finance aren’t just anti-societal speculators but thieves stealing from their customers (like Chase stealing from its customers but moreso).

How to be skeptical.

Atrios misses the point. The goal is to destroy the public sector to the money can go to Big Finance for speculation because they must get every penny they can. Vampire squids indeed….

Know your rights (while you still have them).

Asshole: Bill Keller.

The successes of America’s greatest president, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Atrios is wrong about this. How can he have no faith that Obomba will do anything the Republicans tell him to do?

Can any modern conservative please make the connection between interracial child-bearing and America’s greed-fuelled collapse? I can’t.

CNN is a news source solely when it isn’t spending the bulk of its time broadcasting complete idiocy like this.

Damn! Fires shotgun shells!

I don’t know what to say about this.

Sunday cartoons!

Answer: All of the above.

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