Know Thy Enemy

Flattery is like cologne — to be smelled, but not swallowed. — Josh Billings

Egypt now: Major international disaster or not so much?

Airport security threat.

This, though, isn’t considered much of a threat….

Asshole: Michael Bloomberg: Another Republican who believes one must never take responsibility for one’s acts. And I’m not the only one who thinks he’s full of crap.

Doomed! Here’s the whole report explaining both how all our leaders, financial and their corrupted pols, failed us for their benefit with the bonus of a slew of Republican lies.

Doomed! Yet another Fail of Obomba’s by enabling Republican economy-wrecking policies.

erin Andrews isn’t just a self-promoting sex object but a complete lying whore.

What’s Bill Keller’s point? Professionals know to put the most awful lies on the front page to curry favor with a Republican White House and the reporter is the publisher’s friend?

Big Business and their politician stooges sure hate our troops…..

Great to know enough money can help you beat a rap.

The free market works sometimes. Of course, Micro$oft’s ultimate problem is that so much of their profits rely on forcing an unwanted product on people so when it becomes less essential, the company has little enticing to offer. A second-level smartphone OS and the world’s worst tablet OS aren’t the paths to the success of the monopoly….

Chips, like horse chips.

What Google does and doesn't censor. Evil, when they're not just vile....

Truth: Maybe the greatest 10 minutes of cinema ever:


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