Obomba Fails Again!

Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. — Jane Wagner

Someone seems to have had it with modern capitalism (and maybe’s watched too much Glee):

(About the viddie for non-Spanish-speakers here.)

Doomed! Because the Right can only deny reality and facts and instead spew and promote complete, destructive shit.

Doomed! Because whenever you think Obomba can’t do anything worse or at least dumber, he does. Domestic spending freeze my ass. (Sorry: Better than that — freeze plus increased spending.) Retreat from two expensive, pointless, national security-harming wars will save far more money and do far less harm than empowering the destroyers of America. What leadership.

This may be great; time will tell.

If you must talk like a cop, here’s your big list of words.


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