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In this society, being car-less is a significant empediment being a full citizen. Such situations make you dependent on the collective, and to the schedules of mass transit. Car-less is no way for an american to live. — Some anonymous retarded online commentator.

When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. — C. P. Snow

Taibbi says more or less what I’ve been saying:

But in the new Speaker of the House, the Republicans own the perfect archetype — the quintessential example of the kind of glad-handing, double-talking, K Street toady who has dominated the politics of both parties for decades. In sports, we talk about athletes who are the “total package,” and that term comes close to describing Boehner’s talent for perpetuating our corrupt and debt-addled status quo: He’s a five-tool insider who can lie, cheat, steal, play golf, change his mind on command and do anything else his lobbyist buddies and campaign contributors require of him to get the job done.

As for what that job is, here’s the thing: In this age of greed-enabling bailouts and rampaging Tea Parties and coast-to-coast voter rage toward the entire political process, Congress in particular now ranks as one of the single most unpopular political entities on earth. Recent polls show that only 13 percent of Americans approve of the job performance of their national legislature — which makes our elected representatives even less popular here at home than, say, Al Qaeda is in Pakistan. (Bin Laden and Co. scored an 18 percent approval rating not long ago.)

The reasons aren’t hard to figure. Voters are fatigued not only by the seemingly endless kinky-sex and corruption scandals emanating from Capitol Hill, but also by the increasingly infuriating fact that no matter which party is in power, the leadership inevitably borrows like dice addicts on the Vegas strip and uses the money to pay for huge Frankensteinian initiatives that bloat the size and power of the federal government, often without semblance of sense or plan. The underlying dynamic is bought-off congressmen ignoring real social problems and using the legislative process to construct massive perpetual handouts for their campaign-contributor sponsors. Both parties have now made the servicing of the giant handout machine their primary raison d’être — and it’s this perception, that Washington is occupied by an unbreakable bipartisan conspiracy of favor-churning hacks, that has inspired anti-Washington revolts like the Tea Party.

“Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act — practically any significant piece of legislation that came out of the Bush presidency, it was a joke,” says Chris Littleton, who heads a coalition of 58 Tea Party groups in Boehner’s home state of Ohio.

The anger of Tea Partiers like Littleton erupted when they suddenly realized that their elected leaders in Congress had developed a primary allegiance not to constituents back home or even to ideology, but to themselves and their own dissolute, pay-for-play, you-scratch-mine, I’ll-scratch-yours intramural bureaucratic calculus. Voters got mad when leaders covered up sex scandals, partied on corporate junkets when they should have been working on the public dime, wasted mountains of taxpayer money on political witch hunts instead of working to stave off another financial crisis or terrorist attack — and they got mad, especially, when congressional leaders stopped having the common decency to hide the lavish gifts funneled to them by their lobbyist pals in exchange for political favors, parading around in public with their goodies in hand without even caring how it looked.

Doomed: Just another reason why. And here’s another.

Clarence Thomas: Unqualified Supreme Court justice, and law-breaking thief.

I’m sure this retarded, demented raving of Glenn Beck’s is not hate speech in any form. (The long version starts here.) Encouraging violence against someone is fine and acceptable, I’m sure. So what’s good for Beck, I presume, must be acceptable against Beck.

We should blow up Piven’s office and home. — Glenn Beck

I am all for violence and change Frances: Where do your loved ones live? — Glenn Beck

A real hero, not the rightist jerk-off fantasy of one.

A little lucidity:

Can America turn bolshevik? Americans like socialism, Russia, more than they do Teabaggers — and the retards haven’t even done much damage yet! Wait!

This is maybe even truer than Atrios thinks. Isn’t Objectivism in a sense a form of radical immaturity? Think about it.

Fannie and Freddie: Not guilty.

Query: If the Second Amendment, unlike all other amendments, is in fact absolute, then sales must be unrestricted too.

Now legal? A woman can pleasure herself while topless in her parked minivan. No, seriously: What a stupid thing to bust someone for.

Progress like this can only happen in a civilized nation. So it cannot happen here.


One thought on “A Return to More Normal Posts

  1. Glenn Beck is, simply put, a master manipulator of people with low IQ’s, and his goals involve a great deal bloodshed. Want proof? Read this.

    NEW at The Will of The People (http://iamthewill.wordpress.com/)

    Glenn Beck on How to Deal With Dangerous Progressives: “Shoot Them in the Head”

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