Another Shortie: The World Must be Coming to an End?

Vindicated! Our leadership is endemically corrupt.

The inherent dishonesty of the Teabag Partiers.

Obomba’s new great idea: Appointing to jobs panel an outsourcer of jobs. I suppose he’ll sell Obomba on rolling back or eliminating the minimum wage…

It would be great if this was a start, not an anomaly.

Someone beats the bank.

Why is this story on the front page of the Times? Does New York have to give everyone who claims to want to start a charter school money and has no responsibility to determine the need for the school? Really? Such irresponsibility is required? And here’s an explanation of the fall of mainstream journalism — and how it makes itself of ever less relevance.

Knowledge-hating assholes: The Enfield, Connecticut, town council.

Is this simple enough?

Once, TV didn’t suck:


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