Today’s “Need to Know”

Without love intelligence is dangerous; without intelligence love is not enough. — Ashley Montagu

First, listen to this.

This could be great news.


[I]t’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it. In fact, in general right-wing think tanks prefer people who genuinely can’t understand the issues — it makes them more reliable.

Doesn’t this apply to both sides? Not equally. There was a time when conservative think tanks employed genuine policy wonks, and when asked to devise a Republican health care plan, they came up with — Obamacare! That is, what passes for leftist policy now is what was considered conservative 15 years ago; to meet the right’s standards of political correctness now, you have to pass into another dimension, a dimension whose boundaries are that of imagination, untrammeled by things like arithmetic or logic.

Wouldn’t the right be better served by better wonks? No. For one thing, they’d be unreliable — they might start making sense at an inappropriate moment. And, crucially, the media generally can’t tell the difference. I’ve had long exchanges with reporters over the doc fix; let me tell you, it’s very, very hard to get the point across. People like me tend to think in terms of simple thought experiments, but reporters keep wanting to dive into the political ins and outs, no matter how many times you try to say that those are irrelevant.

Or maybe the simplest way to say this is, Ignorance is Strength. And why tamper with a winning formula? (Link.)

Today’s example of “Stupid or a deliberate pandering liar?

Whatever it isn’t, Obomba’s healthcare reform does in fact contain actual savings. Then again, reality-based facts are so 20th century, and we’re past that….

Poor Papists: proof of how the Church enabled child-abuse (sexual variety) by priests.

Lucky Alabama — the lower bowel of America — got themselves a hateful Christofascist governor; leadership they’all deserve.

Vindicated! Someone else agrees with your blogger that America’s entered into a Dark Age.

Not a joke strip but a docu-comic of how the modern conservative mind operates.

Now you’ve seen one — and this is the only way:


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