Doom du Jour

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. — Eleanor Roosevelt

Message to the world from Tunisia. Sweet dream indeed....

Instead of a revolution, we lucky Americans get this:

Disclosure: I do not want President Palin to shut up nor particularly care whether or not she does. What I want is: The Media to ignore her; and that no way does she actually become president of this once-great nation. And, I suppose, since she won’t and is incapable of backing down from her “blood libel” libel, her mis-use of the term is corrected, if you know what I mean. Just saying, not encouraging…. (This defense of her misuse of the term is wrong as Palin has yet to be tortured or killed for her retarded beliefs.)

Leadership we need. Leadership we're in danger of getting. And, yes, I'd say she's the worst of a bad lot.

What’s great about America now: Laws passed as self-serving lobbyists draft them with no consideration whatsoever of what’s good for us.

Not too late to check this out. Actually, never too late….

Doomed! These are major capitalist investors speaking, one practically chanelling Marx, or at least Adam Smith:

Gross: The Obama administration has failed miserably in that regard. It has focused on consumption and fiscal stimulation that will give us 4% real GDP growth in 2011. But it gives us nothing more than that. It is a sugar high that disappears quickly in 2012.

We need to focus on employment and investment in manufacturing goods and services. You don’t do that by incenting businesses with tax breaks and accelerated depreciation, because they fail to observe the final demand for their products and the ability to earn an acceptable return. Cash sits on their balance sheets. You do it with massive infrastructure programs such as the construction of high-speed rail lines. China has several hundred. We need infrastructure repaired in the U.S., as well, but so far the administration doesn’t seem to want to go there. It wants to placate business with tax advantages and higher after-tax profits.
Gross: Of course it’s falling apart! You are taking the corporate side. What about the side of Main Street? Of those who are unemployed and can’t find a job?

MacAllaster: I’m talking about stocks.

Gross: Corporations are probably at the peak of their domination. They dominate versus labor in terms of their ability to export jobs and production overseas. They dominate now in terms of Washington, given the Republican electoral victory and the Obama administration’s moving toward the center.

They even dominate with regard to the Supreme Court, as evidenced by the recent ruling removing limits on corporate donations to election campaigns. This is all good for the market, but not for Main Street in the long run.

This is interesting. Just imagine: Maybe the Republicans are wrong and Fannie and Freddie aren’t at fault for the financial crisis…?

How our schools are screwed up. It takes world class ineptitude for idiocy like this….

What you need to know before buying an Android phone: This is bad, maybe awful. And it doesn’t even address the issue of carrier pre-loaded, hard-to-uninstall crapware.


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