In Praise of My Cellphone

First, the caveat: No cellphone (or anything, of course) is perfect. That said and out of the way….

What I mostly do with it:

Maintain calendars and contacts.

Check email.

Take pictures and videos.

Listen to music and watch movies and videos. Mess with photos with other apps. Draw with Sketchbook Express.

Surf the web.

Do word processing.

Play games.

Keep my Starbucks card loaded and find stores with Starbucks apps.

Make PayPal transfers with the PayPal app.

Do my banking, including making deposits.

Paying bills like my insurance and, uh, in an emergency, cellphone bill.

Watch my investments and make trades with my Schwab app.

Find where I am when lost. Find my daughter via her phone.

Check the weather.

Check IMDB at the movies.



Make calls and stuff.

Post to my blogs.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


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