Ups and Downs

Remember this on Monday. America can and should be far better than what we’ve allowed ourselves to be dragged down to.

Such is life....

The moral of Tunisia story is not the glories of modern technology or the web but the power to effect change by exposing bad behavior. Sometimes, exposure gets things done. (More here and here and here.)

Ronnie Reagan presided with Alzheimer’s? So what? He barely enabled the Republican war on America.

Talk about horrors, your worst nightmare… do not look at this.

No matter how inept Greenspan may look with hindsight (and I’m not a hardcore basher), he’ll always have a rep as an awesome manipulator of the D.C. press corps water-carriers.

How to beat a foreclosing bank: Win the lottery.

The War on Knowledge, Tennessee front.

The Republicans will surely act to correct this.

Another gratuitous, slightly destructive win for the Republicans. When a party’s primary policy is simply to embarrass and oppose everything the President attempts, who needs them? Loyal opposition? Not at all.

Elite journalism fails again… I don’t mean Tunisia, but this.

Teachers need help and support, not the hatred of the right for public school teachers:

President Palin… whatevers:



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