Less Arizona, More Laffs

Wouldn’t this be nice. We tried it, the Big Business Special Interests and their Republican storm-troopers destroyed it:

My vision of economic morality is more or less Rawlsian: we should try to create the society each of us would want if we didn’t know in advance who we’d be. And I believe that this vision leads, in practice, to something like the kind of society Western democracies have constructed since World War II — societies in which the hard-working, talented and/or lucky can get rich, but in which some of their wealth is taxed away to pay for a social safety net, because you could have been one of those who strikes out. (Link.)

Read here how Arizona enables insanity.

American justice: Too big to be busted — just like any other corrupt third world country…. Clearly, this is how Our Leaders restore pride in America.

Fascinating how the modern conservatives refuse to take responsibility…. This is horseshit. Essentially all of the hateful, violent speech comes from the right. Loughner may or may not have been a rightist nutjob but he was clearly deranged and the right’s rhetoric is exactly the crap that likely put him over. Not to mention the right’s and Republican’s antipathy to reasonable gun control (and since the Second Amendment’s never really been significantly litigated, you can’t say reasonable restrictions on gun control — such as registering and a waiting period for licensing — isn’t legal; rather, you have to be some sort of wingnut). Hey, look! Rush won’t let the Tucson shooting stop him from spewing hateful insanity. Gotta keep the retards crazed….

Ahh, the rightist haters’ defense is only retards take them seriously. So since their speech only incites crazy people, we can just censor the whole lot and regain a scintilla of civilized behavior!

Post-Tucson hate speech. Thanks, Rush!

More bad news: We’re staying in Afghanistan forever. (Hey! Maybe if it’s Obomba’s policy, the Republicans will cut funding and we’ll retreat!)

Doomed! Even if this is correct, job growth is completely inadequate.

Artists work in all sorts of media, some a little unusual. Jeff Koons’ art is being an asshole. He now claims to own all balloon dogs. How obscenely corporatist.

This, too, is f***ed: T-Mobile UK: unlimited cell internet if you don’t really use it….

REALITY CHECK: Lies we grew up with. Feels like all of them….

Pollyanna speaks, if you need such good news as there is….

We’re long overdue for a laff:

I vaguely remember this — so vaguely, I can’t begin to say from where or when:

If you have a job (congratulations) at which this isn’t NSFW, congratulations:

Tattoo remover of the day.

This is not gratuitously posted. Click on the image to find out why this is here.

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