The Cynosure that is Arizona and More

Arizona fallout, continued:

  • This fails to convince me that President Palin is not pretty much a murder-inciting terrorist. Also inciting murder: Fox News — Fair[ly] and [im]balanced, you can say.
  • Maybe Fox has a guilty conscience. Or maybe it’s just one scumbag covering the ass of another scumbag. (Link.) Of course, this how you know this isn’t a Christian nation in any substantive sense but a Mammonite one: Profits are paramount over everything. In a Christian nation, there’d be no Fox News as we know it.
  • Who’s dumber and more odious than President Palin? Why, her aide, of course!
  • Beyond dispute, to me: “Right can point the finger back all they want, but we’re not the ones putting crosshairs on peoples’ backs and telling people to reload.” (Link.)

Okay, so there’ll never be real gun control, and there’ll always be crazies out there, but can anyone really say some legitimate restrictions and a reduction of hostile, hateful rhetoric wouldn’t have prevented at least this shooting? I mean, they’re just too common to stop, right?

  • (Elaborating on the cartoon: Just to add that I totally do not accept the theory that if Assassin X is determined to kill, he can’t be stopped. Horseshit.)
  • And then there’s this… (not a single “hero” on the right, is there?).

Asshole: Actually, the pissant bitch isn’t worth naming, so if you want to know who the latest rightist sicky to climb out from under a rock is, you’ll have to click here. On the other hand, there are so many of these cancer cells on America, what’s one more or less?

Why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan? Amongst other reasons, the Big Business special interests profit win or lose.

Another success of Republican leadership: The creation of a black market in cough medicine. What a great way to waste DEA resources.

That claim that vaccines cause autism? Not just baseless but based on fraud. More bad science here.

All men created equal? No more.

No comment possible:

One would like to think this is a joke.


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