Let’s Follow President Palin’s Lead and Kill Them All

Maybe the worst part of this deranged act....

Shot Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was on President Palin’s hit list. (Killed was Federal judge John Roll, a 2009 talk radio hate-target.) Not saying there’s a connection (developing) but the Second Amendment beneficiary/shooter was Teabbager crazy. Read it here and here. President Palin takes responsibility. Not. And poor Jan Brewer: She now reaps what she and her supporters sowed. (Responsibility is something Republicans preach but never practice.) (Ask me someday to elaborate on this: The shooter’s generation faces awfully dark times — it may be a modern Lost Generation — and that may well have contributed to his acts.)

The target speaks about being marked for killing by President Palin’s hit list:

Meet the Tucson’s killer’s Teabagger accomplices here.

Taxpayers are financing Golman Sachs. I’m speechless.

The Afghan Fail.

Hey, look! Teabagger horseshit!

This is Hope: Can this be the start of something good? So far, everyone after the Republican nomination is pretty deranged but President Palin, it should be safe to say, is the worst of the lot. Which, of course, isn’t to she’s not electable.

As they say, this would be a great start. Never happen.

So the Republicans vote to repeal healthcare reform and Obomba vetoes anything that gets past if it goes that far. The Republicans then slash HHS’ budget so nothing gets or gets efficiently implemented. Does anyone really think Obomba would fight? Robert Reich does and he’s wrong.

American Republican justice: American citizen tortured in Kuwait (allies we the Republicans haven’t destabilized yet) barred from re-entrying the U.S. Talk about a man without a country….

Zero tolerance! This is hardcore!


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