The Blog that’s not too Scared to Yell “Horses**t”!


How about a progressive Contract with America? No, I know, it can’t accomplish anything… I’m just dreaming….

Is this simple enough for everyone?

The same conservatives who supported wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tax cuts for the wealthy, the resulting massive debt and a crumbling economy  that features more than 9% unemployment. Their appointees to the Supreme Court decided corporate lobbyists should be empowered even more. Today they are running the House.

How did we get here? Nation columnist and MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry said, “Media, especially reality TV, encourage us to think less and buy more. They capture our emotions and silence our inner critic.”

America’s corporate controlled media—the same crowd that amplified the insane hypocrisy of Medicare recipients screaming about the dangers of government-run healthcare at town hall meetings—have effectively promoted this outcome.

The Nation‘s William Greider wrote: “Republicans, who are masters of deceptive marketing, seized on Obama’s most appealing qualities and turned them upside down. Their propaganda cast him…as a power-mad (black) leftist, destroying democracy with socialist schemes.” This nonsense is the essence of cable TV’s Fox News, the “media arm of the GOP and Tea Party.”  It’s also repeated on mainstream media outlets. (Link.)

What I don’t quite understand: No one wants to yell “Horseshit!” at blatant lies. Like there’s runaway government spending. Horseshit! What there is is two obscenely expensive pointless wars, that have weakened our national security and nearly a trillion dollars in completely wasteful tax cuts. Easy: Don’t renew the cuts for the nation’s wealthiest and bring the troops home. Do those simple things and the remaining deficit will be brought well within reason when the nation’s economy recovers.

Awesome job growth. The Elite Media are clearly right that full recovery from the Global Economic Meltdown is -- what, it isn't??

What I thought, in part:

At first glance, the December jobs report seems to be a step in the right direction. An unemployment rate of 9.4 percent, the lowest level in 19 months. And a president, happy to boast about another 103,000 jobs being created last month.

However, renowned economist Peter Morici points out two important caveats. For one, 260,000 Americans simply dropped out of the labor force in December. They are out of work, yet no longer counted as unemployed by the government. And secondly, 103,000 jobs is nowhere near the number of jobs we need to be adding each month. To bring unemployment down to 6 percent by 2013, businesses need to hire an average of 350,000 new workers each month. (Link. More here — where the Times lays the blame on Obomba and give the obstructionist Republicans a pass. I mean, why blame those who bring on a crisis then make it impossible to resolve? How can they possibly be at fault?)

Impossible! Obomba’s appointing someone with balls? Surely to castrate him, or having beat up anyone who is against surrender to Republican rule.

Victory for Republicans! They enjoy a further success making our kids really stupid — almost Palin retarded.

Victory for Republicans! Afghanistan is no better than it was before invaded but at least we’ve de-stabilized our ally, Pakistan, not to mention the waste of billions and billion s of dollars.

President Palin errs: No one weakens America like the Republicans.

Retard: Harry Reid, for making this completely counter-productive statement.

The incredible Andy Borowitz speaks truth without humor:

If you’ll pardon me for being serious for a moment, here’s my idea of a heartwarming story:

A homeless man with no special talent gets our compassion anyway.

The Ted Williams story is, of course, riveting and hopeful. But the nation’s fascination with it has nothing to do with our capacity for empathy and everything to do with our addiction to instant celebrity.

The coverage has also been shockingly patronizing. People have been amazed to learn that a homeless man might have an unusual ability, just as they were dumbfounded that an unattractive woman, Susan Boyle, did. There’s also been widespread surprise that Mr. Williams had a successful career and a family (!).

I would love it if Mr. Williams’ story led to an increase in compassion towards the homeless — even the ones without viral YouTube videos. That would really be heartwarming.

OMG! Massachusetts holds Big Banks to the Rule of Law!? The Republicans will fix that. It’s not Too Big to Fail, but Too Big to Obey the Law.

Vox of some populi.

What I don’t fully accept although I understand it: Why does a big publisher, which is to say, at the forefront of a collapsing industry, need to hire the man who led the collapse of Newsweek, that is, to say a clueless journalist? Like this? And, really, this is ridiculous.

If you enjoy this blog, you’ll find this funny.


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