That Sucking Sound? The Vacuum Caused by the Absence of Real Leadership

Update: Still failing in Afghanistan, still succeeding at pissing away billions of dollars. Thank God the Republicans are back in power!

The Republican attack on Net Neutrality begins — really, Net Neutrality is so any Big Business and pro-freedom, it must go.

Read this and tell me the Republicans really aren’t crazy. This is sick, sick. As is this former Republican presidential adviser.

To whatever extent Our Leaders aren’t corrupt, they’re pretty deranged.

Retarded Republican: Tucker Carlson: absolutely shameless, free of principle.

How about the NPR exec who hired retarded pundit Juan Williams — did he ever resign?

Something I love: Fail but succeed by no more than lying that you actually succeeded, and didn’t fail. (You know: The old “Are you going to believe what you can see for yourself or what I tell you?”) It’s a great modern Republican trick.

The Boehner Congress trashes the Constitution on its first day “in business”. Maybe it’s time to just refudiate the damn thing, make it easier to ignore the rule of law and everything.

I am eager and willing to serve on a Death Panel. Got my list all ready….

I’ve been pretty much ignoring the “Huckleberry Finn” censorship thing but all I need to know is what I suspected: Behind it are knowledge-hating conservatives from the South.

Modern science fraud of the day?

I agree with this.

I find this a little scary:


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