Down, Down, Down; When and Where We’ll Stop….

Must be a joke; this cannot be modern America. Isn't opposing gouging by corporations illegal?

Reminder: Republican policy is fiscal irresponsibility, that is bankrupting the federal government. Of course, so much could be saved by retreating from the wasteful disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan….

Obomba continues his war against knowledge: How he wants to keep more secrets.

Good news for kiddie molesters: French Vogue for December has sexy pics of 6 year olds. Ah, the decadence of the rich… these sick images are to get wealthy women to spend money… what a world….

The internet corporatists have destroyed your privacy.

Mystery! Why do the Teabaggers hate net neutrality? It can’t be their corporatist masters hands up their freedom-loving asses pulling their strings?

[Classic] Asshole: Peter King. Let’s just say America would be a better place without him.

Innovation: Sometime in the indeterminate future, Win8 will be able to do — maybe — what MacOS has been able to do for almost four years already.


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