Goodbye, Democratic State, Hello, Corporatist State!

You’re wrong if you still think you’re living in a democratic state. More about the Corporatists’ triumph here; read it and weep.

Click on the image for way more about the mural.

Shocker! The Fourth Amendment is dead in California. I’m sure the Teabaggers are readying to fight to regain our rights to this….

Shocker! Congress to eliminate freedom of the press.

Shocker! Mitch O’Connell wants to destroy America.

Shocker! How we’re lied to; a historical Fail of the Elite Media in the completely fabricated story of the toppling of the statue of Saddam in “liberated” Iraq.

Shocker! The Corporatist state uses the State Department as sales agents. The business of America is business at your expense….

Props to the Navy for moving so fast on the asshole behind this abomination that I didn’t get a chance to post to it. Pro-troops as I am in a way, there seems to be a lot of sickness amongst the troops and officer corps….

Of course censoring “Huckleberry Finn” is disgusting — but completely understandable in an era where stupid rules.

Why did NASA waste their limited funds on this?

More about this here:

More about this here:

“A magnitude 17 supernova was discovered on January 2 in New Brunswick, Canada….” (Link.) — Damn, it must have gotten hot there. Why didn’t I feel the heat…?


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