Shockers! Dispatches from the War on America

Sure, presidential material, a-heh, a-heh....

Shocker! The Republicans are pandering hypocrites! Shocker! The Elite Media allows and enables them to them to get away with it.

Shocker! Bush White House water carrier and all round peddler of bullshit says Assange is a bad journalist. It could be worse: He could be as bad as, oh, Judy Miller. Assange fails to verify the truth in leaked documents; Miller passed along White House and Pentagon propaganda without confirming whether or not they were true, helping to propel America into an unjustified military disaster. It’s obvious which is worse, if Miller has a point worth anything — unless you’re a retard like her, or her enablers, Schulzberger and Keller.

Shocker! The Christofascists having been working to destroy America since its birth.

The attack on that flaccid Obamacare begins next week. Let’s see whether just the crappy parts are attacked — like the requirement to give the insurers money for no benefits — or the crumbs of good, like requiring the insurers to take on all potential insureds regardless of pre-existing conditions.



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