Empower the Destroyers and This is How We are Rewarded: With Endless Disaster. Who’s Happy?

America is now a Geloiocracy.

Outlawed. By Jed Rakoff, so I'm not sure it was a bad decision....

Stupid: Not perceiving what the Republicans are doing. Republicans’ favorite voters.

See how we rape the earth.

(More here.)

Crap the Republicans hope to pull.

Why are troops leaving the military for unemployment when they joined the military to get a job they couldn’t get in the States?

What is it when a union or guild gets beaten up for supporting what it believes in? Why is a guild required to honor those who refuse to support it? What type of retard doesn’t see the idiocy in expecting a guild to act against its and its members’ interests? Why, this retard!

Looks the wingnuts may not be retarded after all, just suffering from a physiological defect.

A reasonable disagreement: I think it’s Tucker Carlson who should have been executed.

Surprise! Haley Barbour is a racist, lying thief and asshole.

Idea! Christine O’Donnell would do fine in solitary confinement pending indictment and conviction. Just her, her God, and her little fingers all together….

You know what it is? We’re inexcusably shameless. So’s the Big Media, though, alienating their audience. Why would anyone pay for stupid?

Asshole, proven: Matt Bai — and add the shitheads at the Times that employs him. Adds absolutely no value to the outlet….

What I love: The WikiLeak haters going nuts over Mugabe’s response to one of shutting down the farce that was his coalition government. I mean, it’s just one more middling act by a nasty dictator, with a negligible effect on Zimbabwe. And I’m sure the bashers have clearly done a great job thus far bringing democracy to that country and this has been an historic disaster.

Asshole: Floyd Abramas, the establishment’s favorite First Amendment defender. He is ass-backwards wrong: As much as possible, the WikiLeaks State Dept. dump is exactly like the Pentagon Papers.

As is typical,
the Pope stayed above the fray
and did not comment. (Link to the Site of the Day.)

Mission accomplished.

R.I.P., Kodachrome.

One of the good guys, gone:

For Bloomberg:


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