Isn’t This Supposed to be the Season of Good Cheer? Anyone See Any?

The miracle that is me (and the only way I’m miraculous, I assure you):

It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

(This is for S. Butchkiss:) This is exactly what’s wrong with modern America:

“The thing I admire most about Don Blankenship is that he’s not afraid to tell the truth,” Ben Parker, an engineering student, tells me as the applause fades. “He’s just like Sarah Palin.” (Link.)

Idiots having their ignorant beliefs confirmed think they’re hearing the truth. If you’re closed to learning, they’ll never learn anything. They’ll stay ignorant and bring this country down.

Doomed! Waking up, had a sort of realization: All these people bemoaning Our Leaders’ failure to do anything terribly helpful, good or progressive, never really go into any great depth why this is so. Me, I believe it’s little more than corruption — or at least an imbalance where Our Leaders simply can’t keep their personal self-interest under control. Whether I’m right or wrong, where’s the deep analyses?

Doomed! It sucks to be retiring now, what with all your retirment wealth lost to worthless pensions and no equity in unsaleable homes.

Is this a great country or what? 50+ million Americans without health insurance — or, as I might put, unable to afford to piss money away giving it to private insurers who may well deny care. I remember when my carrier wanted to deny treatment claiming it was cosmetic when it was to fix a vision issue…. Of course, in our modern era, the only solution for that huge number of uninsured is to force them to buy insurance.

Here’s a solution for the healthcare crisis: Care that is competent and affordable.

Haley Barbour isn’t just a racist asshole but a thief as well.

I agree with Barney Frank but moreso. Retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq now and save hundreds of billions, more than enough for a real stimulus. Leave Iraq fully under Iran’s control, crippling the latter. As for Afghanistan, you know all we accomplished was weakening Pakistan and, whatever we think of the Pakis, not a good thing.

Obomba=Vacuum of leadership.

Doomed! Well, not quite; just that reality may be catching up and biting Wall Street in the ass. Contrary to the Big Media, only a significantly bad thing if Our Leaders toss the Street tens of billions like the last time things blew up in their faces. Otherwise, feh.

Or maybe cyber-leakers can be stymied by keeping embarrassing stuff analog — notes to be destroyed after reading; oral communications — and the organizations will stay as rotten as ever. (Link to Pollyanna’s dream.) Meanwhile, this is provocative but I’m not completely persuaded; maybe it, too, is too tech oriented and overlooks the nature of the players other than Assange and Manning — you know, no realistically broad context. Then there’s this critique.

Asshole: Kevin Poulsen, government rat, only claiming to be a journalist. But that’s the least of, it’s far more complicated. Was Bradley Manning the victim of entrapment?

Doomed! To Our Leaders, enabling Big Business to avoid paying taxes like with a “Dutch Sandwich” is fiscal responsibility. And if allowing Big Business to avoid paying taxes is good for the economy, what’s the benefit of them sitting on tens or hundreds of billions in cash — not investments, cash?

Why Teena Marie mattered:

Marie released three more albums for Motown, but in 1982 she got into a legal battle with the label. In the end she won a landmark lawsuit that declared it illegal for labels to keep artists under contract while refusing to release their work. It became known as the “Brockert Initiative,” after Marie’s real name. “It wasn’t something I set out to do,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 2004. “I just wanted to get away from Motown and have a good life. But it helped a lot of people, like Luther Vandross and the Mary Jane Girls and a lot of different artists, to be able to get out of their contracts.” (Link.)

Assholes: Bob Barr, for speaking out too late, long after he helped empower the crazies, and the Teabaggers for enabling the loss of freedom they decry. (Link.)

I’m becoming convinced the future belongs to those using new (or renewable) energy sources, and doom for those who can’t give up the old.

Again, we all know about TSA Fails like this, but again, any successes from all the abusive tactics?

Is Juan Williams actually America’s dumbest pundit?

Bummer: The Teabaggers hate Scott Brown. So they really do want to see America destroyed, they’re really just a group of retards after all….

An album recorded and mixed on an iPad. (Yeah, yeah, but is it any good?)

Great! Another way I’m defective! And I only thought my problem was just from having curses placed on me a few times….


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