Goodbye, Freedom, Welcome, Gratuitous Torture

America, land of the torturers. And why is Bradley Manning worth torturing (even if he’s the dope Bruce Sterling opines)? At the end of the day, not a single leak has been shown to be anything of a significant threat to national security. So we’re left with torturing for the crime of embarassing the bipartisan establishment. Truly a great moment in American history.

Let’s see. If I’m facing a fatal illness, the insane right running this country doesn’t want my insurance to pay my doctor for a consult. I suppose if I have a terminal illness, hospice care wouldn’t be covered because that’s too much like a death panel since you go into a hospice not for cure of terminal illness byt for end of life care. Assholes, every one of them. (Link.)

However much you want to dis Pitt and Jolie — and there’s a lot of narcissistic silliness to dis — the fact is, they do good unlike that posturing, bullshitting, rightwing-ass-kissing asshole Bono. (Link.)

Doomed: This got me thinking a wee bit. If energy commodity prices are on a permanent upward spiral due to limited supply/eternally growing demand, then those locked into, say, oil, are doomed, while those who bypass oil for renewable resources own the future. Figure the rest out yourself.

Shameless pandering asshole: Ross Douthat. I mean, I assume he knows better but I can of course be wrong about that. And a 20-something who wants to be a pundit? The modern pundit is little more than a simple bullshit artist. Who in their right mind would want to be one?

Dead: A wee bit of the 80s:


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