Giftmas Greetings; Lumps of Coal for All….

This blog’s Person of the Year speaks.

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. — Euripides

Goodbye, freedom! I suppose we are all outlaws now….

Obombination coming: Meet the new losers, same as the old losers….

What a surprise! Did you know this? The Republicans hate net neutrality. Of course, since they run on a platform of keeping people poor and stupid….

More on what’s driving the wingnuts crazy: casting in a movie about mythological gods. What I want for Giftmas: All these sickos dead. Really.

More fair and balanced reporting from Fox News. Wish they could all be holocaust winners....

Doomed! Big Businesses would sell America’s patrimony to anyone for an immediate profit, even to our enemies — and Our Leaders are totally cool with that.

You know, since it’s okay for Republican pols to suggest people who should be killed, I think I want to play that game too. Someone please kill Karl Rove a.s.a.p.

What a load of crap: No mention of Big Media compliance and enabling? No mention of endemic corruption?

The TSA pornoscanners don’t work and are never inspected for safety. Thank God for Republican pork and corruption! Hey, look! Another TSA Fail!

This is wrong: Owning Stanley Kaplan doesn’t tarnish the WaPo a lick. Sub-mediocre reporting, editorial and op-ed pages second only to the Wall Street Journal’s in deranged lunacy, and whoring tarnishes its rep.


The next great pharmaceutical: Placebo.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s worse elsewhere:

A little holiday spirit in iOS-land. And here’s Apple doing something cool.

Micro$oft’s latest innovation-fail. Micro$oft, in true Republican fashion, innovates far less often than it rips off and boasts of innovating. Latest example is here.

Today’s public service spot:

Game on!

And speaking of insane Christofascists…:


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