Santa Obomba and Our Leaders Don’t Even Have a Lump of Coal for You! Ho, Ho, Ho, Joke’s on Us

I have taken the pledge (for now). And you?
You want a Man of the Year? This is the Man of the Year.

A credo of our times:

Failure is success if you insist enough that it is. — The Seditionist

Our Leaders to us Americans: Drop Dead! (after you give our true supporters all your money).

How Obomba’s FCC failed us on net neutrality. Can you wait for the Obombinal One’s spin? I can. More here and here. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is going in a similar direction, so we clearly have good company in our repression….

See? Government employment is growing wildly out of hand. Can you see it? Can you? You could if your politics were right....

European Big Finance wants Ireland to fail just like our Big Finance wants America to fail. I just forgot: What do Our Leaders do for us? Failing us doesn’t count….

Now the Fed screws homeowners. Again, steal big enough and theft becomes legal. Wait, it gets worse.

No $#!t.

The Rule of Law is in fact dying: The latest death notes.

Who can seriously, credibly doubt Haley Barbour is a racist asshole?

When is DADT actually going to be repealed?

Asshole: Arlen Specter: Now he says something.

The START Treaty must be a piece of crap. Why else would the Republicans let it pass? Oh, wait, a clue. There’s another Obomba surrender coming….

Nassau County, New York, Teabagger Fail.

What’s this guy on? I want some! Clearly, he is completely detached from reality….

American Justice (related story here):

CIA’s WTF. No, no, no, it has a WTF.

This putz underestimates Android’s Windowsesque flaws: For etter or worse, if the hardware was to run a version of Windows, it pretty much did. And maybe, when the OS got upgraded (for better or worse) maybe the hardware could be upgraded. With Android, you neither know clearly what version you’re getting, whether you’ll be able to upgrade it, or whether your phone can be upgraded.

Get me this:

Found: A possible real war on Giftmas!

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