The Triumph of the Reagan American Counter-Revolution

Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day. — Bertrand Russell

Our Leaders call this soaring government unemployment. Those who believe in facts call it a temporary spike.

The next Obamination: Social Security cuts going to be proposed in the State of the Union speech. Of course, if he’s giving the speech, the state of the Union is awful….

Yay! Our Leaders have learned how to oppress on the web! Goodbye, freedom! More internet freedom lost here with the death of net neutrality. (More here. Mary Bono is against UN control of the internet. And corporate destruction of internet freedom? Bet she supports it.) Remember when Obomba supported it? Talk, no action.

The rule of law takes yet another hit.

Merry Giftmas! Obomba’s Justice Department passes on proceeding against corrupt pols!

Reminder: Reaganism has brought us decades of stagnant earnings growth (which, arguably, brought the Global Economic Meltdown to a degree as it encouraged, if not necessitated taking on debt). Are we better off now after Reagan? Hah! (Hey, look! A slightly interesting Reagan apology!)

California helps the lenders by essentially banning homeowners’ lawyers from being paid because, I dunno, it’s money that will be going to the lenders.

The housing crisis is still a crisis.

People still care about the First Amendment? Impossible.

Attention, George Orwell: Meet Big Brother here.

Meanwhile, the pirates maybe actually help low-earning musicians with no wealth to be deprived of by piracy. (A variant of my theory that privacy makes up for the loss of free “tasting” of music due to the loss of diversity on the radio and of the local listen-before-you-buy-or-not record store. I mean, the RIAA assumption that music buyers have all this money to piss away on unknown and little known performers….) So there remains no proof of piracy’s harm.

How in God’s name is this newsworthy? What kind of mind finds this of the slightest importance? Or this idiocy?

This is essentially correct: Why get riled up by the loss of priracy from phone apps when without this kind of identity theft, as it were, Google would be a penny stock? Of course, the underlying article ran in Murdoch’s sensationalized, debased Wall Street Journal — the need to filter has made the Journal awfully crappy.

Ah, when I first read of his death, I thought it was that medicority, Steve Gutenberg or whatever. Landesberg was periodically a genius:


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