Whatever it is, it Goes On….

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. — Mark Twain

Well, of course. The Big Guys need someone's money to steal....

Doomed, just doomed.

Obomination: Nearly a trillion dollars of increased deficit without any stimulus to speak of — Bizarro Keynes.


If you honestly believe that investors will happily buy up any amount of US government debt (at low interest rates) for the indefinite future, then relax.  The tax deal passed yesterday should make you happy.

But if you fear that the US will soon be tested by financial markets – just as the eurozone is being tested today…. (Link.)

Another mortal wound to the system of law: Majority of U.S. Supreme Court bought and controlled — corrupted — by Big Business. It’s clear their loyalties are not with the law….

Retards: These conservative radicals with nothing more importance than this nonsense on their retarded little mimds. Twilight, baby.

Retards: The entire group of modern conservatives. Again.

Asshole (redux): Bobby Jindal.


Fresh off the vote, Sen. Reid sends a tweet to Lady Gaga. “@ladygaga #DADT on it’s way to becoming history.” (Link.)

Just in case you need to get with the program: The failure of capital punishment.

The very short version of the Failure of the Elite Media. If not there yet, they’re very close to terminal irrelevance…. Actually, another example here. And another’s here.

This is what happens to news outlets who fail to deliver, you know, news, to their audience: Failure.

The Republican America we live in: The greatest nation ever, completely able to fix things (Atrios actually understates things: It’s not just “can’t”, it’s also refuses to.).


No pro like an old pro — and the back-up singer of the year, T’Kiya Gidola:

The story of my daughter.

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