Saturday Quickie

China may be corrupt and unable to make sensible short-run choices, but in terms of fundamental inability to deal with long-term problems, we still have them beat hands down. Still, it’s worth remembering that all giants have feet of clay. — Prof. Krugman

Hey, look! One of them Republicans blaming the economic meltdown on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (instead of, you know, the truly responsible parties instead of their puppets) was screaming in 2006 for them…: “Fannie and Freddie should do a much better job of providing affordable home financing to a neglected portion of the mortgage market.” So the real responsible parties for the meltdown is the Republicans?

Asshole: Crazy Peter King once supported terrorists.

Asshole: President Sarah Palin. No responsible media should be empowering her….

New low for the elite media: CNN gives time to Teabagger front. And that would be newsworthy how? How is it justifiable?

The Republicans are working to kill net neutrality. You’re getting your pittance of a tax cut; be happy with their leadership!

I love Delicious but maybe that disaster Yahoo! selling it is in fact a very good thing. (Yes, I’m past my panic; initial story was that it was being shut down.)

Making the world safer: How to get a .40 cal. Glock past TSA screeners: Carry it in your bag.

You know you waited your whole life to see this:


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