This is Fair and Balanced. The Others Are Not

I’m a potential felon for “friending” WikiLeaks on the FaceBook. Is this a great country or what?

U.S. torture victim of the day: Bradley Manning.Is this a great country or what?

You needn’t listen to me. A pro explains what’s killing Big Media journalism. (Big hint: Irrelevance.)

Doomed (Is this a great country or what?):

The right has always understood that the perceptions game is a long game, that you have to rewrite history on a sustained basis to shape the assumptions that govern politics. Work at it steadily, and you have even a liberal Democratic president believing that Social Security only covered widows and orphans at first, that Medicare started small, and that the Clinton-era productivity boom began under Reagan.

So of course they’re working hard, right now, to expunge deregulation and shadow banking from the story of the 2008 crisis. (Link.)


So Republican members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission are going to issue their own report, placing primary blame on the government — because it’s always the government’s fault.

And according to reporting at the Huffington Post,

all four Republicans voted in favor of banning the phrases “Wall Street” and “shadow banking” and the words “interconnection” and “deregulation” from the panel’s final report, according to a person familiar with the matter and confirmed by Brooksley E. Born, one of the six commissioners who voted against the proposal.

Yep. It was all Fannie and Freddie, which somehow managed to cause housing bubbles in Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, and Spain as well as the United States; and the repo market had nothing to do with it.

And bear in mind that this wasn’t one Republican; it was all of them.

I really do wonder how this country can remain governable, when one party insists on creating its own reality. [And the Big Media Elite enable them to.] (Link.)

Fox News policy is to literally “report” horseshit.

StratFor is official underwhelmed about the State Department leaks — actually little new in there — but these about a prior BP drilling disaster have to be news. Which is why Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Man of the Year — and no one bothers to read Time and more and the brand grows ever more debased….

Joke’s on us dumb shits: We think we’re buying something but we’re actually only renting. And with ChromeOS, we give Google all our data.

Our Real Leaders' goals for us.

A history lesson — and by history, I mean something only of historical relevance, maybe, and certainly no longer of any current relevance.

TSA porno-scanners: Maybe the aim actually is just to embarrass people because they can’t find bombs.

Fuck this crazy wingnut asshole. Just saying.


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