Living the Good Life in Reagan’s Golden Age

If politics in America means nasty, lurid analysis of a cancer victim’s “evasion” of mentioning God in her public farewell, politics in America deserves a thousand Julian Assanges. (Link.)


MINEOLA, N.Y. — Facing a huge budget deficit when he took office in January, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano did not impose a hiring freeze. He did not stop borrowing to subsidize some of the richest school districts in the country. He did not eliminate the Police Department’s beloved mounted unit.

Instead, Mr. Mangano, a Republican who won one of the first upsets of the Tea Party era, did what he had promised: He cut taxes, adding $40 million to the county’s deficit, which has since reached nearly $350 million.

Now, with its bonds suddenly downgraded and a state oversight agency preparing to seize its checkbook and credit cards, Nassau is on the verge of a full-fledged fiscal crisis. (Link.)


“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” says Ira Rheingold, an attorney and executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Homeowners in Florida, Nevada, Texas and Pennsylvania have filed lawsuits alleging that they were victims of mistaken foreclosure. In many of those cases, the bank went so far as to haul away belongings and change the locks on the wrong homes.

One such suit was filed in March by Pennsylvania homeowner Angela Iannelli. She was up to date on her payments when, she says, she arrived home in October 2009 to find that Bank of America had ransacked her belongings, cut off her utilities, poured anti-freeze down her drains, padlocked her doors and confiscated Luke, her pet parrot of 10 years. It took her six weeks to get the bank to clean up the house. (Link.)

Doomed! In this era, being good and doing well isn’t enough, it means nothing.

The TSA’s pornoscanners: utter money-wasting, worthless pieces of pork, a waste of taxpayer money kicked back to Republican pol Michael Chertoff because what are friends for if not to corrupt you with bribes? And a great deal for Americans: Even less freedom, no increased safety. This is how nations collapse….

Retard: Mark Penn. His inept work for Hilary helped Obomba get the nomination. A know-nothing bullshit artist (see where he’s working now).

Disgraceful Christian sickos.

In which I support a Teabagger policy: If the Teabaggers only want to overturn the part of Obomba’s reform-free healthcare windfall law that mandates the purchase of insurance, I’m for it.

Yup; if they didn’t keep Bush/Obomba tax cuts for the wealthy, it would go to worthless crap like this. And that’s why we’re doomed!

What we always knew, now confirmed: Charter schools suck.

Yup, if you steal big enough, the cops leave you alone….

I cannot believe anyone gives a crap about these people. Why??

Wish I can show these — even I draw the line — the coolest dildoes, like, ever.

Old pros:

Vile little no-talent creep, partying in the U.S.A…:

Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music. — George Carlin


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