Voted Hope, Got the Same Old Destruction of Our Nation….

Just in case you have any doubt we live in shameful times, there’s this.

Doomed? Destiny?

Sad? Funny? “Still, it’s striking that what the public claims to want is higher taxes on the rich while defending Social Security and other entitlements; whereas what’s actually likely to happen is just the opposite.

Obomba: First a failure, now a Republican liar. (Not a joke; fact.)

Obomba tax cuts to actually increase some workers’ taxes? With Obomba, any Fail is possible — like destroying the New Deal. Or proving a Dem can in fact be exactly as good as a Republican, not just nearly as good.

Look! A little real leadership!

Just like Muslims freak over images of Mohamed (preceding stated merely as fact, no opinion to be read into phrasing), Christofascists get freaky over the comparable thing.

Still hates Blacks and Jews. Still hardly worse than Obomba. Click!

Today’s contest: Who’s the bigger douchebag: Time or President Palin?

They’re called media whores for a reason.

Krugman disagrees with this because he says behind corporations are human beings. Except corporations now have superior rights to human beings, so Stross, although English, is right.

Ho, ho, ho, indeed:


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