The Obaminations Keep Coming….

TRAITOR! And traitors should be executed, yes? Treason is a capital crime.

Why don’t these guys die? Are they immortal demons from hell or what? Considering what they’ve done and are doing to America, maybe! Asshole: John Bolton. Another Republican dedicated to keeping Americans stupid and at risk.

Fair and balanced, in the Orwellina sense, of course:

From: Sammon, Bill
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 8:23 AM
To: 054 -FNSunday; 169 -SPECIAL REPORT; 069 -Politics; 030 -Root (FoxNews.Com); 036 -FOX.WHU; 050 -Senior Producers; 051 -Producers
Subject: friendly reminder: let’s not slip back into calling it the “public option”

1) Please use the term “government-run health insurance” or, when brevity is a concern, “government option,” whenever possible.
2) When it is necessary to use the term “public option” (which is, after all, firmly ensconced in the nation’s lexicon), use the qualifier “so-called,” as in “the so-called public option.”
3) Here’s another way to phrase it: “The public option, which is the government-run plan.”
4) When newsmakers and sources use the term “public option” in our stories, there’s not a lot we can do about it, since quotes are of course sacrosanct. (Link.)

Just in case you still can’t grasp the scope of the fraud and illegality underlying the foreclosure crisis, there’s this. And try to remember that our rulers have no interest in the future if it costs them a penny now. Tomorrow doesn’t matter to them.

Zombie: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal fails.

If you need a good deed to do, do this.

I didn’t know this, that Obomba had any to give to the Republicans. Anyone know that he ever had them? And FaceBook “friends”, look here.

Looks like Obomba maybe will have to change parties…. No, really.

Message to President Fail

A plea to Obomba: Please do nothing. Tax cuts have proven to do nothing lasting to the economy — particularly the Bush/Obomba tax cuts proven so — and no reason to believe they’ll do anything now except make you look even more like the Republicans’ favorite whipping boy. Again, the Bush tax cuts are a proven disaster.

Poor deluded fool who should know better tries to defend Obomba’s tax cut Fail.

Sooner than you'd think, I'm sure we'll all (except vegetarians and vegans) will be eating these because these will be the meat we can afford.
(The following is not a joke.) Groped by the TSA.

Conceded: Maybe it’s worse in the U.K.

Always thought Honda’s “hybrids” were a bit of an overpriced rip-off scam; well, the buyers are passing them by. No surprise. If you want a hybrid, they’re not options.

A shithead. He is completely wrong.

Site of the day.

Charlie Crist, you lousy failure, this is for you:


If I don't know the feeling, I can certainly feel the pain.
*sigh* Ain't this the truth....

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