Welcome to the Obamination!

Wow! My use of Obamination is correct! And now the good news ends and on with reality….

As nation and empire collapse, Our Leaders, as commanded, bring us the freedom of ignorance:

Hilary’s lies about internet freedom (which Team Obomba never actually supported).

Let’s say WikiLeaks is not “the Press”. What does that then make the Press, what with their sadly few flakes of gold in a mountain range of shit? (But yes, it is the Press, if not better.)

This is how a nation dies: Stop making things and just sue. But then, this is from one of the first heads of Micro$oft, the marketing company disguised as a (mediocre, innovation-free) tech company.

Doomed, doomed!

America is really doomed — not because the decline can’t be reversed — of course it can — but because we neither have the leaders nor able to get and elect the leaders we need.

Reminder: There’s still an economy-wrecking foreclosure crisis and part of the crisis is the underlying scandal.

New York State tries a Menghelian approach to homeowners in trouble: torture.

If you need to know how bad Obomba’s tax capitulation is, here.

The Dems bless some with a small good that, limited as it  is, is still better than anything the Republicans could or will do.

When I heard about this speech, I thought it may have a little sense, a few words of wisdom, but no. Just more horseshit from a horseshit pol…. Of course, boasting about NYC’s economic regrowth is inane based on the fact that it’s a reflection of Wall Street’s obscene gains and little, if anything, more. Guess Bloomberg is just another slick-talking asshole with nothing to say during the crisis. Updated: I am seconded.

Obomba’s tax cut Fail: Even worse than we think? “It will cost $900 billion over the next two years – larger than the bailout of Wall Street, GM and Chrysler put together, larger than the stimulus package, larger than anything that’s come out of Washington in years.”

Twilight for America: Thanks to Our Leaders’ continuing Iraq disaster, we’re empowering Iran. Not a good thing….

We will live to see Bogart, Bergman, Heinreid and Rains in Casablanca 2. But a good script — still gonna be a problem… the eternal problem….

Funnies for the fall of the empire!

Lennon’s biography, as written by the Hoover-crazed FBI.

Yeah, yeah, a day or two late....
The. Greatest. Bathing. Suit. Ever.

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