Triumph of the Barbarians

Ho ho ho; celebrating the Mammonite holiday:

Gee, looks like hardly anyone needs Social Security -- so the Republicans are clearly completely correct to destroy it. I mean, there's no class warfare going on here.

Doomed: Social Security. Because Our Leaders believe in class warfare. So much for a classless society. But then, we no longer have a healthy democracy so why not?

Looks like Our Leaders are wrong. There is no inflatation here...
-- or anywhere near....

Hope is here: It’s Obomba’s entire economic policy.

More welfare for the wealthy. More beneficiaries here.

As I was saying: All I’ve seen in the WikiLeak State Dept. leaks is confirmation of what has been believed, nothing actually new and surprising, like the Israelis maybe playing the U.S. for their own benefit… that’s news? Obviously, confirmation of beliefs is great, news it isn’t — nor justification for the attacks on the site and Assange. And if it’s the truth in the leaks, why can’t we know about it? Assange speaks here.

His next Fail: What Obomba’s not going to do.

What shocks the wingnuts. As always, just when you think it’s impossible for the American right to get any more disgustingly stupid, they find a way.

TinTin: Dead.

Can’t do this with the PhotoShop.

Possibly the greatest video on the You Tube:


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