Why Do Our Leaders Hate Us? A Dispatch from the World’s Greatest Banana Republic

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our leaders Next Great Fail is here. And here’s the next Obombanation.

Obombanation of the day: The death of hope. Just a little further to the right, there’ll be no difference between him and any Republican candidate in 2012.

The freedom-loving Teabagger Party want to take away your right to vote.

Corporate welfare: The winners. They get taxpayer monies so the needy can’t.

How (besides the Times’ delusion) Jamie Dimon became America’s Most Loved Banker — by enabling Madoff’s fraud. Why, without Dimon maybe we’d have a healthy economy….

Something to think about: This hostility of our leaders to WikiLeaks: Absolutely sick. No, really. I do realize this is the most important thing in the world to our leaders but still…. And none of this actually news so much as documentation of what we already knew or suspected…. And keep up on things while the site is censored here.

Republicans tell our kids: Drop dead! Literally.

The Hit List: President John Sidney McCain III. Absolutely no loss… at last, he would actually perform a service for America. May someone or something do what the North Vietnamese failed to do….

Assholes: Deborah Solomon and the Times for having her back for no reason.

I loved the original Blue’s Clues with Steve…:

%^$#Wing genius:

Mick Taylor is on three of my four favorite Stones albums (Woody on just one of them):


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